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The best pictures come from a well staged property.

Click the box below for a checklist and some helpful tips for your client so that they know what to expect during the photographer's visit and have the house in photo-ready shape!  Please, share with your client and stress the importance of all the items on the list.  I will always check the staging when I arrive and make small improvements where I can. However, if the house is far from ready and we have to reschedule, a fee of $25 will be charged.  In addition to the items on the list, please make sure no maintenance work, lawn work or open houses are scheduled to conflict with our reserved time.

More things to know!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or email me!

Payment Methods

You will receive an invoice via email after you book that will have a link for payment.  Please, make your payment before photos are downloaded.  You can pay by credit card through the links given or by check. You are welcome to pay by check if you are meeting me at the shoot.


There will be a $25 rescheduling fee if canceled under 12 hours from the scheduled shoot.  The fee is $50 if canceled within 12 hours of the scheduled shoot and not rescheduled.

Photo delivery

Your photos will be delivered through a web link in an email for easy viewing and download.  All photos will be suitable for MLS or VLS and delivered within 24 hours of the shoot.  Virtual twilight and virtual staging have a 48 hour or sooner delivery time.


All Photos and rights relating to them, including copyright and ownership rights in the media in which the Photos are stored, remain the sole and exclusive property of the Photographer.  The Client has limited right to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute the Photos only for promotional or advertising purposes directly related to the marketing of the Property. Photos used for any purpose not directly related to the marketing of the Property must be with the express permission of Photographer and the payment of additional fees, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


Photos may be uploaded to any MLS listing service or company website solely for promotion of the Property during the pendency of this Agreement. However, regardless of any terms and conditions of the MLS, at no time does this Agreement provide Client with the right to transfer copyright, or any other exclusive rights as provided by the Copyright Act 17 U.S.C § 106. Unless otherwise specifically provided elsewhere in this document or other signed agreement between the parties, any grant of rights is limited to a term of either one (1) year from the date of this Agreement, or (2) at the termination of Client’s representation of the Property. Further use of images beyond these limits requires Photographer’s permission and additional fees. Rights are assigned to the Client immediately upon delivery of the Photos. This is only affective when invoice for services is paid in full.  The photographer reserves the right to cancel commitment upon nonpayment of invoice.  The client does not have permission for any of the images to be used for product sales, promotion or packaging.

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