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Hi!  I'm Toni.


Real estate photography is a second career for me. Earlier in my life I had the privilege of being a school librarian and teacher helping students and teachers with all their media needs and spent everyday surrounded by books! Photography was a hobby I enjoyed on the side.  I am still passionate about childhood literacy and the power of books, but as life changes, we adapt!

When my husband and our family started traveling with work I was looking for something I could do that feeds me with joy and accommodates our mobile lifestyle.  I am so happy that I found real estate photography! While I spent a few years doing some portrait work and tons of nature photography, for the past few years I have found a real comfortable place in the world of real estate and architecture photography.

My family has been fortunate to live in several regions of this beautiful country, which has provided me with amazing photography subject matter, but we are especially excited to be settling down in Florida! I have enjoyed exploring and discovering the beauty of this region for almost two years now!  I am also excited to meet you and your team and develop some new professional relationships.  Let's talk and see how we can work together to help your photos get attention! 

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